Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wife Fucks then Hubby Cleans Up

Think the title is self explanatory.


  1. very hot.. her moaning threw me off a bit, but hot hot hot. that big, black body taking her from behind. putting a thick load inside her and having hubby clean it out. yum.

  2. Oh, too eat your beautiful cream filled pussy. Then be able too suck on your clit hard, and feel your orgasm with another man's cum still inside my mouth.

  3. Most might find it crazy, but I'd rather eat cum filled pussy than any part of sex. The first time, my wife was as turned on as I've ever seen her. Actually she still is, and the first time was after I fucked her. Now we,ve done it with many men, and she loves it just as much, if not more than I do. The smell is uniquely all it's own, just as is, eating pussy itself. I only wish I was the lucky husband I just watched eating her beautiful cream filled pussy.