Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun @Flikr :: Hot Wives Exposed in Public

Here are a some hot pics from Flikr.

The author of the below pic,Wmahl, writes: "I don't know how many people she danced with this night. This guy she really liked dancing with. I was trying to figure out where the missing hands were and what they were doing???"

The author of the below pics, Alecas69, writes: "Flashing and teasing in a bar wearing a short brown dress... and nothing else !"


  1. Those pictures are incredible. I love them. Thank you for finding them and posting them.

    And thanks for the great blog.

  2. The last paragraph & picture are in a 1/4th inch strip towards the right sidebar. Might want to look at your HTML. Oh, and yes the other pix are hot.

  3. That's enough to drive you totally crazy. Instant hard-on.

  4. nice outfit.
    is this your wife, dear host?

  5. Love those photos.

    My kind of partygirl.

    Wish it was my wife